Transform Your Business Digitally With DigiKhata

DigiKhata aims to introduce operating infrastructure for Pakistan’s 2.5 million strong MSME sector. It is a simple, secure & innovative 100% free bookkeeping & accounting application helping businesses record daily transactions on the go.

Serving The Digital Needs Of Your Business

Local merchants strive hard to ensure that their customers get the best possible product or service. However, when they don’t get paid right for their hard-earned efforts, it becomes extremely difficult for them to excel in their business growth. DigiKhata brings simple, secure & reliable bookkeeping & accounting solution. It enables businesses to digitally record credits, manage daily budgets & collect their payments 3x faster all in one app.

Why Do Businesses Need DigiKhata?

According to the Ministry of Planning Development and Special Incentives, around 99% of MSMEs contribute to 40% of the GDP around the globe. However, millions of MSMEs in Pakistan are unable to keep up with innovative solutions due to outdated business procedures like maintaining business records with pen and paper.

DigiKhata is designed to empower the MSMEs in Pakistan with innovative yet simple solutions. It helps users to maintain their bookkeeping records on their mobile phones only with a few clicks. It has a simple interface & offers cloud-like agility that ensures faster & better performance of your business operations ultimately.

Join Us In Our Mission To Empower Local Merchants In Pakistan

At DigiKhata, we are driven by the purpose of simplifying the lives and business infrastructure of local merchants in Pakistan and all across the globe. We are a team of passionate young technologists looking forward to the ever-new digital Pakistan. We are backed by powerful investors & supported by highly qualified fintech specialists. Become part of the DigiKhata family and boost our venture with your valuable insights.

Who We Are?

DigiKhata is an industry-leading fintech company introducing innovative solutions to help local businesses change the horizon of their business from less efficient to more propelling. DigiKhata is used and trusted by millions of people and businesses all across the nation.

Also, we have introduced an online business platform i.e. “Digi Dokaan” that helps its users to create their online store in just 30 seconds. We are also intended to bring more innovative and contemporary solutions to help MSMEs keep pace with the modern trends in the marketplace.

Our Values

Our organization is structured with 4 robust values i.e. Curiosity, empathy, innovation-oriented and biased for actions. Our dedicated R&D specialists perform in-depth market analysis and continuously research for innovative solutions. DigiKhata team holds its significance due to the respect it offers to all stakeholders without any discrimination. Our solutions are future-oriented helping merchants and businesses to stay at the competitive edge. We always strive to extend our limits and contribute to the ever-growing ecosystem of finance and technology with useful solutions.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by Adnan Aslam and Bilal Anjum, DigiKhata is introduced to digitize significant bookkeeping and accounting procedures for local businesses in Pakistan. DigiKhata was started as a solopreneurship and then multiple fundraisers contributed to the development of this all-rounder joint venture.

Now DigiKhata has a competitive edge in the marketplace due to its future-ready solutions. Local businesses are finding more opportunities to increase their revenue stream and improve their data security with DigiKhata.

Our Investors

Meet Our Incredible Team

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