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29 Jul, 2021

5 Things that an Accounting Software Must Have

Having ERP software is very important so that the business operations can move efficiently. An ERP accounting software is beneficial for different types of businesses and organizations. The accounting software for small businesses have tools that include general ledger, trial balance, journals account payable, and accounts receivable.

These tools in apps like digi khata app are very beneficial for organizations because by using these tools, the organizations can make simple tasks easy. On the other hand, organizations can also use these tools to manage all their business's financial transactions.

The Goal of Using an Accounting Software like Digikhata

The goal of utilizing ERP accounting software is to make the life of an accountant easy and simple. The features in accounting software are very flexible, and it can complete the accounting tasks in an organization simple.

This article will be your complete guide to know about the five things that accounting software must have!

Why do you need accounting software like Digikhata?

Accounting software and business software helps businesses in different ways, and there are many reasons to implement accounting software within an organization to boost business activities in the long run for a business.

You can break down the activities happening in your business because the accounting software and manager software packages are designed for different industries, including the medical industry, consulting industry, or construction industry. Even if you are just a small business vendor looking forward to selling products online, you must have accounting software to manage your financial transactions regularly.

Do you need to be an expert to use and accounting software?

No, there is no need to be an accounting expert if you want to use accounting software to manage your business's basics and financial records in the long run. The biggest benefit of accounting software is that it is very easy to use, and that is why you need to utilize the services of Digikhata if you are a small business vendor. It is also the most commonly used accounting software in Pakistan.

Benefits of Digikata Software

Using Digikhata is straightforward because there is nothing complicated in this user-friendly accounting software. All the tools in this accounting software are user-friendly, and you can easily use them if you have basic knowledge about your business financial records.

Let’s look at the benefits of using accounting software like DigiKhata below.

 1. Save Your Time!

Business organizations need to choose the right accounting software and work for them in the long run. If one accounting software works for someone, it does not mean that it will also work for your organization in the long run. There is nothing wrong with that, you know why?

You have the services of Digikhata available, and there are just a few clicks away from you. A simple accounting software saves you a lot of time, and it helps you with manual bookkeeping. There are a lot of tools in simple accounting software like DigiKhata. Please do the beneficiary in processing front and documents and backend transactions for the business organizations.

 2. Regular Financial Monitoring

Most organizations that conduct manual accounting perform the financial records and transactions at the end of the financial year. It is a common practice to prepare the documents at the end of the year for tax assessment purposes. When the bookkeeping is converted into automated bookkeeping, it is very easy to create and maintain the financial transactions and records for the business organization in the long run.

Using simple accounting software is very easy to keep the records of all your long and regular financial record checks can be maintained within a company easily. It is very easy to gain an in-depth report about the organization during this process whenever a company wants.

 3. Cash Flow Management

It is very easy to keep track of the payables and receivables of an organization with the help of simple accounting software. Suppose you are looking for the best accounting software available in your country. In that case, you should show DigiKhata because it makes cash flow management very easy for an organization in the long run.

Using accounting software, it is easy to find out the current and future cash flow status of a company. Keeping the record of invoices and bills is very easy, and this way, an organization can avoid overdraft charges.

Let's have a look at the features you need below.

5 Key Features an Accounting Software Must Have

 1. Vendor Records Management

If a business wants to run its operations smoothly, it is important to know the supplier. How much time feature for an accounting software includes custom header fields along with quick vendor creation feature. Payment date calculation is also an important feature to have in accounting software.

Did you know that Digikhata has all these features?

 2. Suspicious Payment Alert

Good accounting software must have a suspicious payment alert to notify the users if something goes wrong. Things can be bad when consecutive payments are being made to the same vendor on the same date, and the same amount is also being transferred to a particular person. In this case, it can be a matter of a duplicate.

When alerts and notifications are given to the users, it can save them from fraud and scams. So, if you are looking for the best accounting software in Pakistan, you need to choose accounting software that provides suspicious payment alerts to the user.

 3. Effective Invoice Creation

There are many invoice layouts available, and it is very overwhelming to choose the right one according to the type of business sometimes. This is why there is a need for accounting software, so there is no confusion for the users.

Accounting software like DigiKhata provides a lot of flexibility to the current invoices. Only the needed and required fields are available in this accounting software, making things very easy for the users. These required fields are required for billing, terms, item, and pricing information.

 4. Balance-Forward

When the business has started to grow, it is not easy to keep track of all the past balances and their payments and trade. To make sure that the operations of a business keep running smoothly, it is very important to keep all the payment information organized. So, every record is present whenever it is needed for future reference.

When you are looking for an ERP software to implement in your business, it is important to look for accounting software and online cloud accounting software that offers a balance forward feature. With the help of this feature, you can easily move the old balance is in the new invoices, and it can be very helpful for you as an organization. Digikhata offers the quality of balance forward to their users, and that is why it will be the best choice for you are available in the market!

 5. Encryption

Many fraudulent transactions are happening nowadays, in it is very important for business organizations to realize their significance. Some data of organizations and financial records can be sensitive, and it is important to keep them safe from hackers. Storing encrypted credit card data is also forbidden by PCI standards.

Organizations can protect their data and their consumer's data by using a bookkeeper software that provides the feature of encryption. Business is also displayed on their website to protect their consumer's data with logos from compliance organizations.

This type is needed for enhancing the trust and developing it further among the consumers of a company. Digikhata is one of the best manager app, so it provides encryption features and functionality to its users.

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