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30 Jul, 2021

An Essential Business Management App for Small Businesses in 2021

Digi Khata was launched to help small businesses like grocery shops, fruits and vegetable shops, and small pharmacies. Since then, this app has made life easier for small business owners and common people alike.

Digi Khata is a free account book app that allows you to govern your expenses and liabilities smoothly along with other benefits. Previously, business owners used to keep a physical accounts book known as Bahi Khata. But with the advent of the internet, our lives have become easier than ever. Why you should not take advantage of it as a business owner?

Who is it for? Digi khata: Free Accounting Software

The Digi khata app is designed for managing business and personal transactions. In Pakistan, the following businesses can take advantage of this app.

  • Tailor shops
  • Pan and cigarette stalls
  • Small grocery shops
  • Small tea hotels
  • Fruit and vegetable shops or stalls
  • Easy load Mobile shops
  • Electronics store
  • Fabric or garment stores or whole sellers
  • General store
  • Medical store
  • Bakery
  • Jewelry shops

Apart from them, anyone can use this app to manage their general ledgers be for business or personal purpose.

Why Choose Us? Factors to Consider before choosing a Business Management App

Below are some of the factors you should look for when choosing a business management app.

Easy to use and Intuitive

A good business or accounting management app should be user-friendly which means that all your employees should be able to use it whether they have any prior knowledge of accounting or not.

Digi khata is the easiest business management app in Pakistan as its interface is designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone; illiterate or half-literate people, people who are not tech-savvy, etc.

Moreover, our software is very practical and adjustable. You can customize financial reports as per your requirements and goals.

 We let you choose a report duration that includes a single day, last week, last month, and this month. And if you want to choose the dates as you wish, we also allow you to select a date range from the calendar.

This kind of multidimensional reporting feature is essential for a good accounting app.

Security of sensitive data

One of the reasons you should switch to a digital bookkeeping system is the security it provides. You can easily lose your physical khata book or it can fall into wrong hands. That’s why we recommend converting all your accounting information into computerized recording and reporting.

In case you lose your phone, you can recover all your data as Digi khata uses your contact number to backup all your information.

Share your Business Card

The Digi khata app allows you to choose a business card from an array of beautiful customized business cards available in the app. Your phone number and name will be the same as entered by you.

You can add your name (business owner), business name, business type, business category, business address, and email to the business card but can skip any of these options if you wish. Moreover, you can download this card and it will be saved in your photos and files.

You can also send that card to your WhatsApp contacts via the app.

Money Collection Reminder

The app allows you to schedule a collection date when your due balance is pending. Additionally, the app sends free SMS to your customer/supplier every time you add an amount to the < money gave> option. Plus, you can make calls via the app to remind them personally.

Also, you can add as many businesses as you want in one app.

Easy entry of Transactions

The cash register feature allows you to add the cash you receive and the cash you pay daily in the cash register. You can see the < Cash in Hand> and < Today Balance> at the top whenever you will open the cash register. The today balance represents the money you receive today and cash in hand adds all the amount that you have received so far according to your duration settings.

How to use the app: A step by step guide

The app is very simple to use. You can download the Digi khata app from the google play store or Apple app store. Or, you can go to the Digi khata website if you wish to use the software through your pc.

  1. First, download the app from your smartphone and enter your phone number.
  2. Now enter your name and business name.
  3. Then choose your business type and category and add your business’s address.
  4. Add your customers and suppliers by selecting their contacts from your phone book.
  5. Here you go, now you can start recording all your transactions with each customer.
  6. You can add transaction detail, date and even take pictures and record videos to add to your transaction report.
  7. Enter the sold or purchased item’s name, no. of items, and receipt number.
  8. You no more need to use a physical calculator as you can do all business calculations via the software’s inbuilt calculator while recording transactions. Can life get easier?
  9. You can generate customized financial reports and send reminders and SMS related to your business.


Running a small business is not very difficult nowadays. With apps to manage accounting and finances, anyone can become an entrepreneur. These apps are especially useful for women because it makes the whole process of managing accounts a lot easier.

Are you running a small business? Then what are you waiting for?

Download the free Digi khata app from google play store or Digi khata for iOS. If you wish to use the software through a laptop then download the Digi khata app for your laptop.

Happy Accounting!

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