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29 Aug, 2022

DigiKhata Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Kuunda On 4 August 2022

On 4 August 2022, Jalal ul Haq (CEO of Kuunda) and Bilal Anjum (Co-Founder & COO of DigiKhata Pvt Ltd.) signed a collaboration agreement between DigiKhata (Pakistan-based fintech startup) and Kuunda to bring better financial liquidity solutions for millions of airtime retailers of DigiKhata.

Digitization of business operations for micro, small and medium-sized local businesses in Pakistan at scale is a new concept. There have been a lot of factors that have limited small businesses to embark on the digital journey for potential business opportunities for so many years. However, DigiKhata is intended to accelerate this journey for local merchants in Pakistan and all around the globe to ensure the efficiency of their businesses and meet their financial needs with innovative fintech solutions.

Kuunda is a fintech company & a global distributor of financial liquidity products and solutions. They partner with network agents and businesses to build a dynamic financial ecosystem & ensure the sustainable economic growth of emerging markets. It allows passionate businesses to easily access short-term and long-term lending solutions. Kuunda leverages its proprietary credit algorithm to understand consumers’ transactional patterns and use these insights to provide e-float financing, airtime advances, and capital facilities to small businesses. 

DigiKhata has introduced smart solutions for airtime retailers to help them resell airtime & mobile bundles at various popular mobile networks available in Pakistan. Extending its horizon of innovative solutions, DigiKhata is also set to introduce an advanced airtime loan feature in collaboration with Kuunda.

Retailers having nil or less balance in their DigiCash account can easily borrow airtime from DigiKhata to resell Easyload & mobile packages to their customers. It will help them to continue their sales and earn more commission on every transaction. They can conveniently repay this amount later with easy & minimal loan charges.

This feature will be available for the DigiKhata users who are using version 4.1.1 & forward versions of the  DigiKhata app. So update to the latest version of DigiKhata app now and enjoy more exciting features to streamline your business operations.

Click on the link to install now! https://digikhataapp.page.link/seobl

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