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09 Jul, 2021

How does DigiKhata work for small businesses? A step-by-step guide

Are you looking for an easy cash management system and accounting app for managing your small business records? Digitkhata brings you a way to maintain the stream of your cash flow in a single place. Having your financial records here and there is always a hassle, and it is time to get rid of it!

End the struggles and get the bookkeeper software Digikhata app on your smartphone. This way, you will be managing your small business ledgers on the go!

Digitkhata is an incredible app for start-ups, and multiple small businesses swear by it! Manage the day-to-day tasks of your small business with the Digikhata app.

How Digikhata Works?

Reminders and Notifications in Digikhata

Digikhata is your personal reminder on your phone. It is your virtual assistant residing inside your smartphone! Digikhata notifies you via SMS or WhatsApp to remind you about the payment you have to collect.

It is a game-changing feature to receive notifications via messages. People often tend to ignore the random pop up and notices on the notification bar.

It won't be an obstacle with Digikhata because this business software takes recalling to the next level.

Manage Account Ledgers With Digi Khata

Are you tired of downloading a ledger management application on your phone, and then it turns out to be an online app? We know how bothersome that is! We understand your concerns and bring you the one-stop solution to all your cash flow management needs! That is Digikhata!

Don't be afraid; there is no lag in the app! Get a smooth experience with Digikhata which is the best accounting software in Pakistan.

You don't need a Wifi connection to use the Digikhata app.

Simply open it and start accounting!

Cultural Aspects of Khata Book

Digikhata is proud to launch the application in the national language so the users can connect with it. It is also available in English and Roman Urdu for further clarity and ease of use.

Choose the language of your choice, and then start working on your financial records with this accounting app in Pakistan!

The correct language is essential, and we know that. When you can connect to the language, the new will have no worries in your mind while you are maintaining your financial records.

This won't be a problem for you if you choose Digi Khata to be your virtual assistant. So visit the store on your smartphone and download the application of Digi Khata right now to get started!

Smart Solution – Digi Khata for Desktop

Digi Khata is an ingenious application, and you can take it anywhere with you. No matter where you are in the world, you can always manage your cash flow transactions easily while you are on the run.

Imagine that if you have grocery store errands to run with your dad and your dad gets a bit too busy getting the groceries. While you are waiting for him and standing in the random aisle in the grocery store, you can manage your transactions and ledger easily on your smartphone. By the time your dad is done with the groceries, you would have done so much on your to-do list!

Features of Digi Khata

The Digi Khata application is loaded with multiple features and yet is the easiest accounting software. All you need to do is get this app on your smartphone, and then your organization worries will end when it comes to cash flow management. Have you ever thought to yourself, “how does accounting app work?”

This is how the accounting manager Digikhata works:

Secure Khata Book

Digi Khata is a safe and secure application. You can easily record your transactions and information in this application because it does not collect any of your personal information.

Digi Khata understands the struggles of a small business merchant, and that is why it will be a seamless experience for you as a small business owner. You deserve a completely stress-free experience!

If you are a small business owner, then get the Digi Khata app on your smartphone right now and avail the services for a small business owner like you!

Credit Account Digi Khata App

Managing a credit account is one of the top struggles for small business owners out there. Are you also facing the same issue right now as a small business owner?

Then getting your hands on the Digi Khata app will save you a lot of precious time because you can easily update daily business accounts by using this application.

You can spend the time you save on the things that matter the most, and Digi Khata will always be available to provide you with the services to save you precious time!


Reminders of Best Accounting Software in Pakistan

The reminders the small business owners get from the Digi Khata app are fantastic features. The payment reminder feature is beneficial because it sends out automated SMS.

Do you know the best part about this remarkable automatic feature to remind small business owners about their payments? It is free! The transparency that the Digi Khata application keeps with the users is outstanding. If you are on the Lookout for fast prices, you should get your hands on the Digi Khata application because it is fantastic for the growth of small businesses.

Install on Android: https://bit.ly/3ARQ5mt
Install on iOS: https://apple.co/3wQWcpW       
Use in Labtop/ Desktop: web.digikhata.pk

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