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09 Jul, 2021

How to Manage Company’s accounts and finances Using Digi khata

Behind every successful business or company, there is a smart management system of accounts and finances.

When starting or running a company, healthy financial management is fundamental to ensure your company’s successful running. However, this essential requirement can be a daunting prospect for new business owners who don’t have any prior experience with financial statements and account management. Therefore they find themselves overwhelmed with record-keeping of transactions and receipts costing them a lack in business progress.


Why do you need smart management of accounts and finances?


When starting a business, it’s important to educate yourself on fundamental and basic financial management so that you are able to make and implement important business decisions for your company’s growth and establishment.


Managing accounts and finances means keeping a record of invoices, getting transactions done, and filling receipts. There must be a clear and manageable system for enrolling and retrieving the financial data of your company. This will help you take care of your company taxes, filing your accounts, monitoring your cash flow, and calculate available profits. The financial transactions occurring in your business should be fundamentally divided up into different accounts to allow you to overview incoming and outgoing cash flow. This categorization helps you in controlling assets, liabilities, and expenses separately. Therefore enables you to generate a profit loss balance sheet.


What are the benefits of accounting software?


Recording, analyzing, and categorizing methods mentioned above are a hustle if managed manually. Priorly, Businesses used to have a paper book for each account, traditionally known as khata book, however, these days such information is maintained in computerized online cloud accounting software systems which are much easier and efficient in recording and maintaining.


Best and easiest accounting software in Pakistan


Digi khata is one of Pakistan’s top accounting software created to handle half of your business hustle by managing financial records and transactions. This software creates a foolproof finance management system, preventing mismanagement of your data and cash. In doing so, Digi khata leaves you with more time and energy to invest in your company’s growth and wellness.


How can Digi khata help your company?


Here are ways Digi khata can manage your finances and make your company’s journey much more stable and smoother.

  • Automatic bookkeeping. Digi khata as a bookkeeper software automates the recording of your company’s financial transactions to ensure your accounts are always balanced. With such proper bookkeeping, you will be able to track information and make operating financial decisions for your business.
  • Automate your invoices. On recording a sale to your customer this Digi khata as your accounting manager will automatically generate a professional invoice statement with the amount payable. This app also allows you to send payment reminders based on due dates to customers. By managing your invoices Digi khata establish a steady cash flow into your business by preventing missing payments.
  • Receiving online payments. Collecting payments manually can be overwhelming and more prone to mishandling of payments. However, if clients are provided with means of efficient online payment methods from which efficiency of cash flow can be increased three folds. There are numerous payment gateways that offer means of receiving payments like Quickbooks online. Such payment gateways receive and also update your accounting system with corresponding payments and invoices.
  • Create financial reports. One of the main features of this online accounting software is the instant generation of reports of your company’s current financial status which otherwise would not have been possible if done manually.
  • Monitoring cash flow Digi khata allows you to monitor the cash flow which will enable you to analyze and optimize the net capital amount to carry out your day-to-day business.
  • Payment generation module Digi khata as accounting software provides an additional payroll module that can control and analyze the main account. Meaning that when you pay yourself or an employee the software will automatically post receipt with information to the relevant account allowing you to track your payment liabilities as well as how much you pay and spent on each employee.
  • Solid Security as an accounting software Digi khata stores your confidential information which should be kept safe and secure. Thereby these risks are catered by our cloud-based software with backups and encryption to onsite security.

Along with exceptional features, Digi khata has been carefully designed as user-friendly accounting software for new business and company owners who do not hold prior experience or education in finances. Digi khata alongside as efficient is also recognized as one of the easiest accounting software in Pakistan.

Start Smart Accounting Today with Digi khata!

Digi Khata application is available free of cost on the play store. You can download the Digi khata app for pc or download it from the play store as a mobile app. As a mobile app, this online software has increased your accessibility to instant business reports. App also allows offline access to the user in case of no internet availability. Furthermore, there is Digi khata for ios available. We have free and friendly availability of the best accounting software for customer's best use.

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