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DigiKhata is a 100% free, secure and simple bookkeeping app. Record and manage your business transactions easily with DigiKhata app & recover your payments 3x faster.

Grow Your Business With DigiKhata App

DigiKhata aims to empower MSMEs in Pakistan with reliable & simple business solutions. It helps businesses to record their credits easily on their mobile phone only with a few clicks. Get rid of outdated bookkeeping methods and shift to a more efficient solution. DigiKhata enables businesses to digitally record their transactions & collect their payments quickly.

One-Stop Solution For All Businesses

Manage your business on the go with the DigiKhata app. It is an all-inclusive bookkeeping solution that also helps you collect your payments 3x faster. With 100% free cloud backup, it keeps your business record safe and well-encrypted.

Get started with the DigiKhata app

Manage Unlimited Account Ledgers

Manage unlimited account ledgers of your customer & suppliers with the DigiKhata app. Record your daily len den (transactions) & keep your bookkeeping records updated in real-time. You can also download a free pdf report of account ledgers and share it with relative prospects on Whatsapp.

Become an Airtime Retailer With Digi Cash

Want to earn money with your mobile phone? DigiKhata features an amazing option of DigiCash. Make your DigiCash account. Add balance to your DigiCash account from JazzCash / Easypaisa & any bank account to resell mobile credit. Earn up to 2.5% commission on every recharge. You can send & request payments to recover payments on time. Also, buy & Resell mobile, internet & data bundles for more opportunities to earn money.

Send Free Unlimited SMS Collection Reminders

DigiKhata is the only 100% free business app that offers you free unlimited SMS collection reminders. It helps you remind your customers about their payables constantly. That’s how it enables you to recover your credit faster and easier.

Why 20 Lakh+ Users Trust DigiKhata?

DigiKhata empowers and digitizes accounting and bookkeeping procedures involved in every business. It is equally useful for anyone who wants to maintain & update account ledgers, expedite business operations & keep their business records safe and well-encrypted. DigiKhata caters to the digital needs of every business including; kiryana (utility store), supermart, restaurant, bakery, pharmacy, boutique, departmental store, garments shop, milk shop, jewelry shop, real estate office & dairy shop.

Manage Your Finances The Right Way

With DigiKhata

Create Customer/ Supplier Khata

Once you log in to the DigiKhata app. Then tap on the “ADD CUSTOMER” button. Type your customer name and add their details from your contact. Or Click “Add New Customer”>> Type the name>> Add contact details.
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Manage Your Budget With Cash Book

Tap on “Cash Book” on the Home Screen. Add your Cash In & Cash Out quickly. With the built-in calculator, you can easily evaluate your expenses & income. Add details, attach bills and download free pdf report.
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Design & Share Free Business Cards

Represent your business the right way. Are you finding it expensive to have a creative business card? With DigiKhata you can create 100% free custom business cards & share them on Whatsapp.
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Available In Multiple Languages

DigiKhata is designed over the idea of introducing “simple yet innovative” solutions to local businesses in Pakistan. Therefore, it is available in multiple easy-to-understand languages for everyone i.e. Urdu, اردو، English, پبنتو، سندھی, فارسی اور پنجابی۔
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Earn Money With DigiKhata

Now you can earn money by reselling airtime with the Digi Cash feature. Get up to 2.5% comission on every recharge and increase your income anytime, anywhere You can also invite your friends to DigiKhata app & earn cash up to 50,000/- Rs.
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Multiple Users Can Access In Real-time

If you are multiple partners running a single business then you can use DigiKhata to update, remove and add your bookkeeping records all at once. Making it easier for business owners to stay informed of their dealings in real-time.
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How DigiKhata Helps You Manage Business Operations Digitally?

DigiKhata is an all-rounder business app that consolidates useful features to keep your business running every time. Get clear insights about stock, bills & invoices, payables and receivables with DigiKhata app. Take useful actions to recover your payments, reconcile your bills and update your stock to achieve your business goals.

Manage Your Stock with Stock Book

Managing your stock has become much easier with DigiKhata. Tap on “Stock Book” on the home page. Press “Add New Item”>> Type item name>> Select Unit>>Press Continue>> Tap “In” & “Out” to record Stock In and Out. You can also add details about the entry, select party, date & time and attach bills. So you stay updated about your inventory status all the time.

Request & Send Payments

DigiKhata is a one-stop business solution that helps you recover your receivables way faster. Simply click on Money in the bottom of the Home Screen>> Press “Request Money”>> Tap on “Send Request”>> Select an option from “SMS” & “Whatsapp”. In order to send the payments, click on “Send Money”>> tap on the entry>> Select your payment gateway from JazzCash, EasyPaisa or any bank account and transfer your payments.

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Frequently Asked Question

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How To Add Your Business In DigiKhata?

Install the DigiKhata app on your phone or open the online app on your browser. Log in to the DigiKhata app and add your number. When you’ll receive the OTP number then enter it into the app. Then add your business name and you’re ready to go.

How to add Customers/ Suppliers In DigiKhata?
Click on Customers/ Suppliers on top of the Home Screen. Tap on Add CUSTOMER/SUPPLIER button. If the customer/supplier is already in your contacts then add from there. If it’s not in your contacts then add the customer/supplier name & their number and a new ledger account is created.

How To Send Free SMS Collection Reminders From DigiKhata?
When you add the first entry in the ledger account (khata) of your customer/ supplier in DigiKhata then you can send them free SMS reminder right away along with their ledger. You can also schedule automatic SMS reminders from the “Collection” icon on the Home Screen.

Is DigiKhata Safe To Keep My Business Record?
DigiKhata is a 100% secure cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting app. It also keeps your data safe for lifetime with free cloud backup.