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06 Oct, 2021

Jazz Business Welcomes Digikhata to Its Family

It’s a proud moment for Digi Khata as it has collaborated with jazz businesses to promote financial stability in Pakistan. “Digi Khata is a digital ledger application that simplifies bookkeeping for micro, small and medium enterprises in Pakistan”, said Mr. Adnan Aslam, the founder of Digikhata. “This is the beginning of a very exciting journey with a startup for us”. said Adnan Waheed, head of IoT and digital business solutions, Jazz.


“From the very first day, Digi Khata wanted to target the bottom of the pyramid customers. They wanted to digitally convert them onto a ledger platform. So, we are helping them through our existing tools which are already in place. We are also helping them target the right audiences and helping them to reach out to the end-users of those retailers and there is a lot more happening.”, he added.


Jazz business has a sweeping and broader portfolio of B2B ICT services. With its state-of-the-art integrated technology, creative enterprise solutions, wireless next-gen internet technology, and Pakistan’s largest and optimum voice and data network, it is making a digital revolution in Pakistan. Jazz business and Digi Khata have one thing in common. Both want to help Pakistani start-ups and businesses to thrive and succeed with digital transformation.


What Is Digi Khata?

Hailing from Faisalabad, Adnan Aslam launched a fin-tech startup Digi Kahta in 2020. Its objective is to let its users shift from old bookkeeping methods to a ledger management app.
In Pakistan, the Khata book means accounting registers, small diaries, and cartons of jotted bills. Pakistani business owners and common people have been using this dysfunctional way of documenting business transactions which have resulted in economic segregation, fewer progressing opportunities, revenue drips, bad debts, and buyer loss.


The founders of Digi Khata saw this gap in Pakistan's financial landscape and they launched a free online khata book app to help Pakistan’s MSMEs to become more productive and cut business credit losses with automated alerts that enable them to remember and recover it quickly. Due to its user-friendly interface and useful features, more than 1 million Pakistani businesses are using the Digi Khata app to manage their accounts and the number has only increased in 2021. The app recorded transactions whose worth exceeds $ 1 billion.


At the beginning of 2021, Digi Khata collected a $2 million international seed round conducted by China’s MSA capital and contributed by no.1 MENAP based Sharooq partners, SOSV, and other startups and stakeholders. Digi Khata got 10 million rupees from Karandaaz Pakistan for its prominent efforts towards economic inclusion. Moreover, It will participate in the Telenor Velocity Accelerator program this year. Micro, small, and medium-sized businesses have a significant chunk of Pakistan's econ


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