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09 Jul, 2021

Top 5 Apps for Business Transactions Records and Accounting

Behind every successful business, there are people who work tirelessly to make it flourish. One of the key works to run a successful business is to have a strong management system that looks over all the expanses of the said business. Doing it manually requires a lot of hard work and manpower, which, frankly speaking, is a waste of time. So, in order to avoid the burden and the mistakes which might come with it, one should use the accounting softwares.

There are several account managing softwares you can find on the internet. We are fetching the best 5 out of all those to make the decision easier for you.

So, we present you the top 5 apps for business transactions records and accounting which can help you manage your business expenses in one place.

5. FreshBooks; Invoicing & accounting software on the go

FreshBooks is a cloud-based bookkeeper software for tracking and managing business finances. It provides a number of features that can help in keeping track of invoices and transactions. It can keep track of the budget and time too.

It also gives the option of adding your bank account so that it automatically looks into all the expenses and keeps a record of them. You can save all the receipts and store them in the cloud. This enables the businesses to keep it all organized. It also deals in all the currencies so it’s great accounting software for those businesses that operate globally.

They have a 4.6/5 rating on the play store, so you know that it’s reliable. They prove both web and app services, so you can opt for the one which is more convenient for you.

4. BookKeeper; Maintain accounting books with ease

BookKeeper provides the business with complete accounting solutions. It doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping.

It provides inventory management, barcode scanner, and barcode producer too. Moreover, you can keep track of all the expenses through receipts and can attach them just by taking its snap. It gives you a generalized version of sale orders which is an estimated value. You can also sync your data on different devices. There can be multiple users of this software who have different tasks assigned. The manager can control who can access which took and function. Your data is always safe and secure with BookKeeper.

You can either download the app from the play store or app store, or you can do your work through their web version.

3. Xero; Keep track of your business

Xero is one of the most reliable accounting software. It is also cloud-based, and helps the businesses with the inventory management, tracking of finances and expenses as well as bookkeeping. It generates the reports keeping an eye on the bank balance, expenditures, bills to be paid, etc. to give a heads up to the business.

You can find all the things you need in the dashboard which shows you all the expanses done or are incomplete. It provides charts that can help in analyzing the expanse patterns. You can scan the receipts and directly upload them on the account managing tool. This way, you wouldn’t have to add anything manually.

It is an outstanding app for the new business as it gives all the things very clearly. The scanning option also is a great help to upload all the information automatically to the software.

You can download it from the play store or app stod can also use the website version.

2. QuickBooks; Discover the features you need to run your business

QuickBooks is one of the best and most commonly used cloud-based accounting softwares which is helping many businesses manage their finances. It helps the business to record all invoices, billing, and payments, etc. It provides the business with a predictive report based on the previous year's expenses so that one can form their budget keeping all the things in mind.

  • It also provided the option of connecting your bank accounts so that you don’t have to manually report all the transactions. It also provided the business reports that list all the profits and losses the business has gone through. This helps the business in planning out their next strategies more practically.

As it provides customization in different tools of the softwares, so it’s a great account manager for those who are new to the technical side. They also provide both app and web services.

1. Digi Khata; Pakistan’s no. 1 digital khata book

We, Digi Khata are Pakistan’s number 1 digital khata book which keeps track of your finances and is also easy to use. We are the best accounting software in Pakistan.

Digi Khata provides businesses with a number of great features to help them flourish. We believe in having big dreams no matter if your business is small. We’ll help your business grow with our unique and easy features.

We send reminders frequently so that you would not forget about any payment or billings. We also provide offline services, which is one of the best things. You can connect to us and do your work even if you have no internet connection. It’s a compact software which helps you gather all the things in one app. So it’s like keeping your business in a pocket. Furthermore, we deal in three languages, Urdu, Roman Urdu, and English. So, if you’re a Pakistani and you don’t have command over English, you can opt for Urdu or Roman Urdu. While the English version helps in attracting global consumers.

We provide Digi Khata for windows, Digi khata for laptop, Digi khata for pc download, as well as Digi khata for ios. So, download Digi Khata now and keep track of business transactions and finances. You can either download it from play store or use the Digi Khata for pc. It’s free of cost app which can help you manage your business. We believe in making your dreams come true through our best accounting software.

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