Let’s Explore The DigiKhata App

DigiKhata offers awesome features that streamline your business procedures & cash flow. You can manage your daily credit transactions, budget & collect your payments faster. Here are the amazing features of DigiKhata and its use cases.

Manage CashFlow With

Cash Book

How To Use?

  • Open your DigiKhata account and click on Cash Book on top of the HOME screen.
  • Press on the “IN” button to add your income.
  • If you want to add information about relative prospects then Tap on “Select Party” & update information.
  • Press “Attach Bills” to attach the screenshots of the invoice.
  • After adding an entry you can press “SAVE” to update your cash book.
  • Tap on "Out" to add your expenses & follow the same procedure to update information about the entry.

Design 100% Free

Business Cards

How To Use?

  • Click “More” in the bottom right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Press “Business Card”.
  • Select your favorite design.
  • Press “Edit” to add details to your business card.
  • Press “SAVE” to update the details.
  • Share your business cards on Whatsapp for free.

Select Your Language

How To Use?

  • Open your DigiKhata account.
  • Tap on More in the bottom right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap on “Language”.
  • Select your language.

Earn Money with


How To Use?

  • Select “Digi Cash” on top of your home screen.
  • Add money from Jazz Cash / Easypaisa or any bank account to your DigiCash account.
  • Resell airtime & earn up to 2.5% commission on every recharge.
  • You can also select “More” in the bottom right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Tap on “Earn Money” & press “INVITE FRIENDS”.
  • Invite your friends to DigiKhata & you can earn cash up to 50,000 PKR.

Send Unlimited Free SMS

Collection Reminders

How To Use?

  • Add an entry to your customer/supplier’s account to send a free SMS reminder.
  • You can click on the “Collection” icon on the top right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Tap on “SELECT ALL” and select the parties.
  • Press “SET DATE” and a pop-up will appear.
  • Select the due date and Digi Khata will send Free SMS collection reminder to the prospect.

Send & Request


How To Use?

  • Now make your payment recovery faster & easier with DigiKhata.
  • Tap on “Money” at the bottom or “DigiCash” at the top of the Home screen.
  • Press the “Request Money” button.
  • Send payment requests to the people via SMS or Whatsapp.
  • Press the “Send Money” button on the DigiCash screen.
  • Select your payment gateway from JazzCash, Easypaisa or any bank account to send Payments on time.

Manage Stocks With

Stock Book

How To Use?

  • Stay updated with your stock status with Stock Book. Press Stock Book at the top of the Home screen.
  • Press the “Add New Item” button, type the item name and select the unit.
  • Press the “Stock In” button to add an entry about the stock you’ve purchased or borrowed.
  • Type the quantity & rate of the stock.
  • Add more details about the stock you’ve collected.
  • Select party, Add Bill No, Select date & time.
  • You can also attach screenshots from your phone Gallery or Camera of your phone .
  • Click the “Save” button to add an entry.
  • Press the “Stock Out” button and follow the same procedure.
  • You can also select a “Stock Out” entry, tap “Create Bills” to generate & share bills.

Buy & Resell Mobile, Internet

and Data Bundles

How To Use?

  • Press “DigiCash” on top or “Money” at the bottom of the Home screen.
  • Tap on the available option from “Telenor, Zong, Jazz or Ufone.”
  • Press the “Packages” option on the top right corner.
  • Choose a package and press the “Buy Now” button.
  • Enter the mobile number where you want to send the bundle.
  • Press the “Pay Now” button.

Generate & Share Bills

With Bill Book

How To Use?

  • Tap on the “Bill Book” on top of the Home Screen.
  • Press on the “CREATE NEW BILL” button.
  • Enter Amount, Add Items, select Party & Add Details.
  • Select Date & Time.
  • Click the “Save” button to generate your bill.
  • You can “Download” and “Share” bills with your contacts.
  • You can also download the Pdf report of your bills.

Benefits Of DigiKhata App

Manage & Collect Your Payments Quickly

You can add unlimited ledger accounts of your customer/ suppliers. It keeps all the prospects updated about their accounts in real-time. You can send unlimited Free SMS collection reminders to your customers and collect your payments 3x faster.

Manage Your Income & Expenses Smartly

You can update, review and manage your income & expenses with Cash Book. It helps you manage your cash flow with useful insights. Click on "History" on the top right corner to view report. You can download a pdf report & share with your contacts on Whatsapp.

Create Your Business Identity & Share With Everyone

If you find it difficult or expensive to create your business’ identity then create your business card with DigiKhata. You can select from multiple designs and create your business identity. Share your business card with your contacts on Whatsapp easily.

Easily Comprehensible App In Multiple Languages

DigiKhata app is available in multiple languages so you can create your ledger accounts in an easily comprehensible way. It is available in your native language so you can easily record, review and update your bookkeeping record without any hassle.

Earn Cash Anywhere & Anytime With DigiKhata

You can earn money with DigiKhata at your convenience. You can invite your friends to DigiKhata and get a chance to win cash up to 50,000\- Rs. Also, tap on "Digi Cash" on top of the Home screen. Login to Digi Cash and earn up to 2.5% commission by reselling airtime.

Secure Your Record With A Well-Encrypted Solution

DigiKhata offers 100% free automatic cloud backup that helps keep your record safe for a lifetime. You don’t have to buy additional storage your upgrade your mobile phone because Digi Khata has got you covered with a guaranteed data backup solution.

Use The Well-Encrypted Digital

Khata App For Your Business


You can secure your essential business information with DigiKhata. Open settings and click on “App Lock”. Tap “PIN CODE” and enter your code to secure your app. In this way, you can prevent your data from unauthorized access.

Fingerprint Lock

DigiKhata offers multiple ways to secure your app. Open settings and tap on “App Lock”. Enable the toggle against FINGERPRINT. Touch the fingerprint sensor of your device to apply a fingerprint lock for the Digi Khata app to secure data.

100% Free Backup

DigiKhata is the most reliable bookkeeping and accounting application. It offers 100% free cloud-based data backup automatically. It guaranteed the security of your data for a lifetime and prevent your data from unauthorized access

Download Offline

PDF Reports

DigiKhata offers the most unique feature to its users. You can download free PDF reports about the ledger accounts of your customers and suppliers online and offline. Share PDF reports with relative prospects on Whatsapp and keep them updated about their ledger accounts.

Download DigiKhata App & Take Control Of Your Finances

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any queries regarding the use of DigiKhata? Then this guide would help you to find your answers.

Can I Earn Money With DigiKhata?

Yes, there are 2 ways you can earn money with DigiKhata.
1. Refer and Earn Money:
You can invite your friends to DigiKhata. Once, they will download the DigiKhata app from your invitation link and add an entry then you will get rewarded by cash. You can earn cash up to 50,000\- Rs.
2. Use Digi Cash:
Add balance to Digi Cash. Then resell this balance to any telecom service. You can earn a 2.5% commission on every mobile recharge.

Is It Easy To Understand DigiKhata?
DigiKhata is available in multiple languages. You can select an easily comprehensible language from the “Settings”. It offers a one-click interface and cloud-like agility to make your tasks much easier.

Can I Get Customer Support Service If I Have Any Queries?

Yes, DigiKhata has a well-experienced customer support service team that is available to help you 24/7. If you have any queries regarding the use of DigiKhata then give us a call; +92 313 7979 999

Or send us an email: contact@digikhata.pk

How to login to DigiKhata app? ڈیجی کھاتہ ایپ میں لاگ اِن کیسے کرنے کا طریقہ

ڈیجی کھاتہ ایپ میں کوئی بھی انٹری ایڈت یا ڈیلیٹ کرنے کا طریقہ | Edit/ Delete entry in DigiKhata app?

How to send payment reminders to customers in DigiKhata? کسٹمر کو پیمنٹ ریمائنڈر بھیجنے کا طریقہ

How to add new customer in DigiKhata? ڈیجی کھاتہ میں نیا کسٹمر ایڈ کرنےکا طریقہ

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